Reviewing Tucks Hemorrhoidal Pads

Woman sitting confidently after applying hemorrhoidal pads

HemRid is a powerful formula for dealing with hemorrhoids on time. It contains Witch Hazel, bilberry extract, and horse chestnut extract to provide long-lasting relief from hemorrhoids.

However, this guide looks at a popular alternative: TUCKS Hemorrhoidal Pads. These pads are enriched with witch hazel and glycerin to manage the symptoms of hemorrhoids with greater ease. In this review, we’ll analyze the active ingredients, the efficacy of the formula, and provide a final verdict on whether you should buy or avoid the product.

Active Ingredients

Hemorrhoidal products should all contain at least one astringent, vasoconstrictor, pain killer, and protectant. An astringent is useful for shrinking blood vessels, a vasoconstrictor helps reduce inflamed tissue, painkillers help manage pain, and protectants protect the skin from further damage.

The formula contains a protectant in the form of glycerin and an astringent in the form of witch hazel. An important inactive ingredient is propylene glycol (a protectant) which creates a protective layer around the skin.


Glycerin is a well-known protectant that creates a coating around the skin that has been affected by hemorrhoids. Moreover, glycerin is an exceptionally good emollient that can capture and retain water to keep the skin better hydrated and protected. These properties are important when every bit of help is needed to keep the skin around the hemorrhoids safe from tears and anal fissures.

The protective barrier that glycerin forms over the skin can keep fecal matter and other outside elements at bay. Now that the skin is isolated from irritants and sources of bacteria, it can focus on healing properly. Tucks Hemorrhoidal Pads contain a formula that has efficacious dosages of glycerin and combines it with another well-known protectant called propylene glycol.

This combination can yield a powerful synergistic effect to accelerate the healing process and provide the much-needed relief from hemorrhoids.

Witch Hazel

Witchhazel is an effective astringent and anti-inflammatory ingredient that is highly effective at treating the symptoms of hemorrhoids. It is fast-acting and provides relief from swelling and itching due to piles. More importantly, witch hazel has astringent properties that can cause tissues to contract.

What We Don’t Like About this Product

No hemorrhoidal formula is complete without a numbing agent such as lidocaine. While glycerin is great at creating a barrier around the skin, it doesn’t do much for the pain due to hemorrhoids. This may require you to supplement your treatment of hemorrhoids with other ointments.

If you want a more complete formula with all the necessary ingredients for effectively dealing with hemorrhoids, we strongly suggest using HemRid.

Another ingredient that is missing from the formula is phenylephrine HCL for hemorrhoids. This compound has beneficial uses for hemorrhoids and other conditions that affect the rectal area. Phenylephrine HCL is used to reduce the swelling by narrowing the blood vessels of hemorrhoidal tissues. This effect is temporary but provides much-needed relief.

These pads would have received a glowing review if the formula had at least one important active ingredient.

Side Effects of TUCKS Hemorrhoidal Pads

Users have reported no major side effects of using TUCKS hemorrhoidal pads because the ingredients in use are very mild. You should follow your doctor’s instructions when administering the pads for relief from hemorrhoids.

There are a few minor side effects such as headaches, bloating, diarrhea, and nausea. However, these side effects should subside as soon as you discontinue usage of the product. Seek medical attention if your symptoms do not improve or if you notice severe side effects after using the pads.

Most side effects are temporary, and most people won’t experience them. However, you should discuss using the pads with your doctor if you are using other medications to avoid possible drug interactions.

Ease of Use

TUCKS Hemorrhoidal Pads are relatively easy for use with straightforward instructions.

Here are the steps:

  • First, try to clean the affected area with warm water and soap; rinse thoroughly
  • Use a soft toilet tissue to pat or genty dry before applying the pads
  • Now use a pad and apply it externally to the affected area
  • After application, discard the pad, and make sure to wash your hands

These pads can be used up to six times every day for relief. We recommend using the hemorrhoidal pads after each bowel movement for round-the-clock relief.

Pro tip: You can also use the pads as a moist compress. Simply leave the pads in place for up to 15 minutes to absorb all the ingredients.

Note: Do not insert the pads directly inside the rectum.

Quality of TUCKS Hemorrhoidal Pads

TUCKS is a popular brand that is no stranger to delivering hemorrhoidal pads in the North American region. Their products are of high quality and feature the best active ingredient for managing hemorrhoids: witch hazel.

Each pack contains 40 pads that should last you up to three or four weeks (depending on your usage). Your symptoms will have improved by running out of the pads.

A quick look at online reviews for the pads reveals overwhelming support from buyers. Very few buyers have complained about the product.

Our Verdict - Should You Buy TUCKS Hemorrhoidal Pads?

If you are looking for a solution for hemorrhoids to help you manage symptoms relatively efficiently, then TUCKS hemorrhoidal pads are ideal for you. However, there are a few limitations with the formula that could have been addressed.

For starters, the formula does not use a numbing agent to help with pain or a vasoconstrictor. We would have given these pads a solid recommendation if there was at least one numbing agent. A numbing agent can make your journey with hemorrhoids a lot more manageable and comfortable.

If you are looking for a complete solution that includes all the necessary ingredients, then consider trying HemRid.

HemRid features an impressive lineup of products that contain powerful dosages of Witch Hazel and Horse Chestnut to provide near-immediate relief from the symptoms of hemorrhoids.