Boiron HemCalm Review - Does it Work?

Boiron HemCalm - does it work

HemRid combines Witch Hazel and Horse Chestnut with Bilberry Extract and Butcher's Broom to create one of the most potent formulas for long-term relief from hemorrhoids. However, other remedies are based on naturally occurring ingredients to manage the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

This blog will take an in-depth review of Boiron HemCalm - a paraben-free ointment that alleviates external hemorrhoids. The ointment can also be combined with HemCalm suppositories to manage internal hemorrhoids.

Like most ointments, HemCalm contains mild ingredients that can help decrease the pain, itching, and irritation caused by hemorrhoids.

Active Ingredients in HemCalm - At a Glance

HemCalm uses a combination of ingredients to manage the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. It uses

  • horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) for relieving pain and reducing swelling
  • Collinsonia root for relieving constipation due to hemorrhoids
  • and witch hazel (hamamelis virginiana) to relieve burning, discomfort, and itching due to hemorrhoids

The formula is made with plant-based active ingredients using a paraben-free formula to soothe and moisturize the skin. It does not contain the tried and trusted witch hazel - which has always been used to treat hemorrhoids. With that said, the combination of natural ingredients is highly effective at reducing inflammation and itching.

Let's take a more detailed look at the active ingredients.

Aesculus hippocastanum, better known as horse chestnut, is an ancient remedy used to treat hemorrhoids for centuries. A growing body of clinical evidence supports the use of horse chestnut in various ailments such as venous insufficiency and hemorrhoids. Studies have also confirmed that horse chestnut possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

These are useful in shrinking the inflammation down. Furthermore, horse chestnut also contains aesculin, which is useful in treating varicose veins. Hemorrhoids are varicose veins, which explains why horse chestnut is useful in treating the condition.

Collinsonia root is derived from the Collinsonia Canadensis plant and is used as a natural remedy against pain, urinary, and digestive issues. It is known for its muscle-relaxant and sedative properties. Experts believe that it contains high reservoirs of flavonoids and saponins, two naturally occurring compounds that can be used to treat hemorrhoids. However, further research is needed to validate these reports.

Witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) is a natural remedy that is one of the most effective tools available for mitigating the effects of hemorrhoids. Studies show that witch hazel has hemostatic properties, which means that it may improve venous circulation, pain, and bleeding. Maintaining all three are important for dealing with hemorrhoids.

Pregnant women also use witch hazel to heal vaginal injuries after birth. They also use it to lower the risk of developing postpartum vaginal infections.

The use of these three ingredients allows one to manage the uncomfortable symptoms associated with hemorrhoids such as pain, irritation, itching, rectal bleeding, and pain. Horse chestnut can relieve inflammation while witch hazel can reduce pain.

The Importance of a Paraben-Free Ointment

A key problem with hemorrhoids is the irritation that the condition causes due to the enlarged blood vessels in the area. Most paraben-based ointments are known for being harmful to the skin and can disrupt hormone function. They are also more likely to lead to breast cancer and toxicity. Boiron HemCalm, on the other hand, is made with a paraben-free foundation that is less likely to cause irritation or redness.

This is particularly important in the case of extremely sensitive or damaged skin, which is the case with hemorrhoids. Long-term use of paraben-based ointments is bad for your skin because they can lead to a loss of moisture and cause dryness.

What are the Side Effects of Boiron HemCalm

Most adults and children canl tolerate Boiron HemCalm. However, everyone will have a different response to the ointment. No serious side effects have been reported from using the ointment so far.

Studies show that allergic reactions from witch hazel are rare, and most of them usually only occur due to oral ingestion. This product is only recommended for external usage.

How to use Boiron HemCalm

Make sure to carefully follow the directions on the product label or as prescribed by your doctor. If you have any questions about using the product, ask your doctor for advice.

Before using the product, clean the rectal area with mild soap and water. Allow the area to dry before using the product.

Now apply Boiron HemCalm to the lower part of the anus. You can use the hemorrhoidal cream up to 4 times daily, preferably after passing a bowel movement. The exact dosage requirements for HemCalm depend on your symptoms and your medical conditions. Do not use more than is recommended by your doctor.

The symptoms should improve in under two to three weeks. If, however, your symptoms don't improve or worsen, consult your doctor promptly. A consultation will be useful in ruling out more serious medical conditions.

Wrapping Up - Should You Use Boiron HemCalm?

If you are looking for an organic product based on naturally occurring compounds, then Boiron HemCalm is a good choice. It comes with a powerful combination of witch hazel and horse chestnut to manage hemorrhoid symptoms. The application is easy and straightforward. Plus, this is a paraben-free product to prevent irritating the skin.

What we didn't like: The product does not contain glycerin, a well-known humectant that creates a protective barrier around the skin and isolates it from outside irritants such as dirt, dust, and even fecal matter.

If you are looking for a product that contains all essential ingredients in their recommended doses, you might be interested in HemRid. It contains witch hazel for a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, which is ideal for managing hemorrhoids and anal fissures. It's the main ingredient in HemRid, where it works with other useful ingredients such as Butcher's Broom, vitamin C, Bilberry Extract, and Horse Chestnut Extract to provide relief from itching, discomfort, and burning.