Review - Preparation H (48 Count) Flushable Medicated Hemorrhoid Wipes

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HemRid contains efficacious dosages of Witch Hazel, Horse Chestnut, and Bilberry Extract to target the source of hemorrhoids.

However, this review will look at medicated hemorrhoid wipes by Preparation H. We will take a look at active ingredients, what we didn’t like about the wipes and a final verdict with our recommendations.

Active Ingredients

Preparation H Flushable Medicated Wipes contain a powerful combination of several active ingredients that work especially well against hemorrhoids. Let’s take a look at the most important ones here.

Witch Hazel

No hemorrhoidal cream or solution would be complete without using the wildly popular astringent called witch hazel. Its powerful astringent properties are highly effective at minimizing the swelling in hemorrhoidal tissue.

Inflamed tissues are the main reason for pain and discomfort and witch hazel addresses the core reasons for hemorrhoids. Witch hazel is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties due to a substance like a tannin. Some of the most popular products with glowing reviews for treating hemorrhoids contain witch hazel.

It is worth noting that Preparation H has made use of maximum strength witch hazel to help with the irritating symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an effective anti-inflammatory substance that is often used to treat hemorrhoids. It can provide relief from itching, swelling, and burning from hemorrhoids. Experts believe that the compound activates the immune system and enables the body to fight off infections due to irritation of the anus.

Like Witch Hazel, aloe vera also has astringent properties that cause the contraction of tissues. However,you must harvest aloe vera gel from a succulent plant that is at least a few years old. The plant containing aloe vera usually requires sunlight to grow properly.


Glycerin is a powerful laxative that works by creating a protective barrier over hemorrhoids. This is important because tears in the skin due to hemorrhoids and bowel movements are highly vulnerable to infection and further damage. Glycerin works by keeping fecal matter and other outside elements isolated from the skin.

Glycerin is more useful when combined with an astringent like witch hazel. The dual combination of protecting the skin and shrinking the swollen tissue can provide near-immediate relief from hemorrhoids.


Lanolin is often used to help with dry skin in the colder months. It is an oil that comes from sheep in shorn wool. The oil has similar properties to glycerin and keeps the skin protected from the outside. This coating effect allows the skin to breathe and prevents moisture from being removed.

Besides acting as a protectant, the ingredient has emollient properties to soften and heal aggravated areas. This is useful for treating damaged skin that has been affected due to hemorrhoids.

The bottom line is that Preparation H has included nearly all the necessary ingredients to make its wipes useful for treating hemorrhoids.

What are the Side Effects?

There are no side effects of using Preparation H medicated hemorrhoid wipes. The wipes are well tolerated by most people. However, you should tell your doctor if you experience any undesirable effects while using the wipes. Serious allergic reactions with hemorrhoid wipes are rare, but you should seek immediate medical help if you notice allergic reactions.

Common side effects include headache, nausea, and confusion. These side effects should stop after you discontinue using the product.

What We Liked: 48 Flushable Wipes

There are 48 flushable wipes that are better suited to individuals struggling with hemorrhoids. This is because the flushable wipes are smooth against the skin and do not cause further irritation, unlike regular toilet paper, which may be too harsh.

The medicated hemorrhoid wipes will provide a comfortable and soothing experience that is more effective at providing relief to your bottom than regular toilet paper. Moreover, the medicated wipes are also flushable - so you can flush them down the toilet after use with a guilt-free conscience. These wipes will break down right away after you’ve flushed them. The particular product we are reviewing comes with four packs each containing 48 flushable wipes. This should last you several days or weeks (depending on usage).

Your symptoms should improve by the time you run out of your supply of hemorrhoid wipes.

Ease of Use

These medicated flushable wipes are relatively easy to use. There are no complicated instructions to follow. However, you should follow your doctor’s directions, if they have given you any.

Simply use the flushable wipes as normal tissue and flush them.

Are the Wipes Effective?

Your hemorrhoid symptoms should improve as long as your skin is able to use the ingredients in the medicated wipes. This means you should be careful when wiping with the tissue and cover the entire anal region. Try not to rush the wiping process; otherwise, you may not be able to fully extract all the ingredients to the affected area.

However, not every person will have a favorable response to the wipes because of other mitigating factors such as an illness or not using the product correctly.

Please consult your doctor if your symptoms do not improve within 2 to 3 weeks or you notice that your symptoms are getting worse with time. Preparation H, like most products on the market, does not cure hemorrhoids. It only provides relief from hemorrhoids' symptoms, including pain, irritation, and itching.

Wrapping Up - Our Verdict

Need an alternative to regular wipes that are also flushable? Then Preparation H Flushable Medicated Hemorrhoid Wipes are the ideal solution for anyone struggling with wipes. The wipes are designed to gently and effectively clean fecal matter after passing bowel movements.

They can be used as a complement to regular toilet wipes, or as a replacement. In addition to being comfortable, these flushable wipes are septic safe and can be flushed down the toilet.

And if you’re looking for an effective ointment for hemorrhoids, you may want to check out HemRid - it is the world’s leading solution for piles.