HealPool Hemorrhoid Wipes Review

HealPool Hemorrhoid Wipes

In this guide, we will take a look at HealPool Hemorrhoid Wipes. It should be noted that all cases of hemorrhoids, whether they are minor or more serious, should be fully diagnosed by a medical doctor to rule out any serious medical conditions that share similar symptoms with hemorrhoids.

In this review, we will go through the ingredient selection of the product, along with how effective it is at treating hemorrhoids, before giving our final verdict.

Active Ingredients

HealPool hemorrhoid wipes contain 50% witch hazel at maximum strength to help with hemorrhoid symptoms. Witch hazel is a popular compound used to treat the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids, such as bleeding, itching, pain, and discomfort.

Witch hazel is an astringent that is highly effective at minimizing the swelling in hemorrhoidal tissue. This is important because a common cause of pain and discomfort due to hemorrhoids is the inflammation of tissues.

The exact reason for the effectiveness of witch hazel is not fully understood, but the compound contains beneficial oils, tannins, and other substances that can:

  • Help with inflammation
  • Prevent bleeding
  • Help with tissue healing

It is easy to find witch hazel in various products specially designed to serve as astringents to help with inflamed blood vessels.

Witch hazel can also be used to treat a range of conditions that are similar to hemorrhoids, including:

  • Insect bites
  • Varicose veins
  • Inflammation
  • Itching
  • Minor burns

HealPool Hemorrhoid Wipes contain maximum strength witch hazel that can be applied directly to the skin. This mode of application is also the safest in regards to the minimization of side effects.

What We Didn’t Like: Lack of Other Ingredients

Any effective treatment for hemorrhoids should include the following:

  • Humectant
  • Vasoconstrictor
  • Astringent
  • Anesthetic

A humectant, like glycerin, can protect a powerful barrier around the skin and act as a barrier to protect it from outside elements, including fecal matter. This can boost the healing process because outside elements are no longer damaging the skin. A humectant can be particularly useful after passing bowel movements to isolate fecal matter.

A vasoconstrictor like phenylephrine HCL can be used to manage the symptoms of hemorrhoids easily. It works by narrowing the inflamed blood vessels near the rectum, which can go a long way in treating hemorrhoids. This result can be useful in treating the pain and discomfort due to hemorrhoids. A vasoconstrictor is second only to witch hazel when treating witch hazel.

An anesthetic like lidocaine has useful attributes that can numb the pain due to the irritation of the skin. Anesthetics work by blocking pain signals to the brain.

This medication could have been made much more effective by combining all the aforementioned ingredients. This would have reduced the treatment time by several days.

If you want a more powerful product, try using HemRid because it contains all the essential ingredients to deal with hemorrhoids.

Do the Wipes Work?

The wipes will work on mild cases of hemorrhoids. Talk to your doctor if your symptoms do not improve in a few days or they seem to get worse after using the product. Your response to the medicated wipes depends on various factors such as the type of hemorrhoids, the severity of the symptoms, and other conditions.

A quick look at online reviews for HealPool shows a mixed response from users, with most buyers agreeing that the product has worked for their specific case of hemorrhoids. However, there has been a small case of buyers who have had a poor response to the product. This could be attributed to a range of reasons, such as not understanding the symptoms of hemorrhoids, confusing it with something else or not following the instructions.

How to Use HealPool Hemorrhoid Wipes

Before using the hemorrhoid wipes, please cleanse the area.

Remove a new wipe and place it in contact with the irritated skin for a cooling effect. Leave the medicated wipes in place for up to 15 repeats. Repeat as many times as you need until you feel you’re getting better.

What are the Side Effects of HealPool Hemorrhoid Wipes

There are no concerning side effects of HealPool hemorrhoid wipes. The majority of users well tolerates most minor side effects. However, you should consult with your doctor if you are on using other medications that could possibly interact with the active (and inactive) ingredients in HealPool hemorrhoid wipes.

Serious allergic reactions to these medicated wipes are rare. However, you should seek medical help if you notice symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, including pain, swelling, and troubled breathing.

Quality of the Product

HealPool is a reputed company that is known for making high-quality products for hemorrhoids. The company is experienced in the removal of a range of conditions, such as hemorrhoids and warts.

HealPool Hemorrhoid Wipes is a great product with soft wipes that feel gentle and smooth against the skin for immediate relief. They are designed using flushable materials that make the product convenient to use and easy to flush.

Doctors have recommended HealPool Wipes as an effective home treatment. It does not contain toxic compounds that could lead to adverse reactions. Each pouch contains 48 wipes that should last a few weeks (or days, depending on your condition). By the time you’ve run out of supplies, your symptoms may improve.

Verdict: Should You Use HealPool Hemorrhoid Wipes?

HealPool Hemorrhoid Wipes are greatly designed for ease of use. They are formulated with maximum strength witch hazel to provide near-immediate relief from hemorrhoids. However, the product does not contain a vasoconstrictor, humectant, or anesthetic for complete relief.

This may be a good thing if your doctor has advised you to not use any OTC products that could interact with medications you may be taking.

With that said, a more effective treatment is to use a product that combines a vasoconstrictor, anesthetic, and humectant for a truly effective guard against hemorrhoids. We strongly suggest giving HemRid a try if HealPool Hemorrhoid Wipes did not work for you.