How to Ease Pain When Using the Restroom with Hemorrhoids?

How to reduce hemorrhoid pain when using the toilet?

Hemorrhoids are bumps or pouches of blood that form after blood vessels of the anus or rectum get damaged. Continuous unhealthy pressure exerted on the rectum causes the blood vessels surrounding the rectum and anus to break. Hard hemorrhoids can form as a result.

Chronic constipation, genetic makeup, prolonged sitting, and age are common reasons leading to hemorrhoid bumps.

Hemorrhoids can form internally and externally and sometimes grow big enough to develop on both sides. While some hemorrhoids remain small and disappear without causing any discomfort, others can persist for much longer. These persistent hemorrhoids can be extremely painful and limit a ’person’s mobility, causing physical and mental stress.

The excruciation pain can make using the restroom highly stressful. The pain and stress cause the person to delay using the toilet. As a result, the person gets more constipated, and the hemorrhoid bumps worsen.

This article sheds light on why using the restroom is painful for a person suffering from hemorrhoids. Moreover, it lists seven practical ways a hemorrhoid patient can reduce the pain they experience while using the restroom.

Why Does a Hemorrhoid Patient Feel Pain While Using the Restroom?

When someone experiences constipation more frequently or sits on the toilet for too long, the pressure on the rectal canal causes hemorrhoid bumps to form.

If the hemorrhoid bumps are neglected, and the person takes no active steps to heal them, they continue to get bigger and harder. As a result, when hard stools are pushed out, the hemorrhoid bumps take the pressure. This pressure causes the person to experience extreme distress and pain.

Moreover, sometimes a hemorrhoid pouch gets filled with too much blood and clots. The excess blood causes the hemorrhoid pouch walls to thin and eventually burst. As a result, the hemorrhoid bleeds severely and causes further pain.

Furthermore, when a person tries to avoid using the toilet, afraid of the pain, the stools inside their body keep bulking up. This accumulation of stools can cause severe stomach and abdominal pain.

How to Ease Pain When Using the Restroom with Hemorrhoids?

The global commonality of the disease has led to extensive research being conducted to come up with effective treatment methods.

Certain care steps and tips can significantly lower a hemorrhoid patient’s pain level, allowing easy expulsion of the stools.

1. Pain Medication

The first thing a person can do to relieve themselves of hemorrhoid pain taking over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication. The pain medication’s dosage and potency should be prescribed by a health care professional.

Taking such medication at least half an hour before using the toilet can significantly lower the pain levels and allow stress-free stool expulsion.

2. External Ointment

Drugstore ointments or creams containing hydrocortisone can help heal and numb the hemorrhoid bumps. Before sleeping, one should apply this ointment to allow a pain-free morning restroom session. The numbing effect is excellent for immediate pain relief.

The ointment or cream can also be injected inside the anus if the hemorrhoids exist internally.

The ointment’s usage and continuity should be discussed in detail with a health care professional to avoid allergic reactions or harmful side effects.

3. Cold Press

Pressing an icepack or a cold press directly to the hemorrhoid bumps can cause an instant reduction in their size. Since passing stools is painful because of hard and large bumps, the shrunk size helps reduce the pain.

Moreover, the cold causes the affected area to get temporarily numb. Trying this tip for 5-10 minutes before using the toilet can help reduce any pain sensation.

Furthermore, the cold temperate attract warm and fresh blood to the hemorrhoid bumps. This helps improve in healing and alleviating the hemorrhoid bumps.

4. Water Soak

Persistent hemorrhoids caused by chronic constipation tend to harden with time. The harder a hemorrhoid bump, the more painful it is to pass stools.

Soaking the bottom in a warm and clean water tub for 10-15 minutes before using the toilet can help soften the hemorrhoid bumps. Adding a pinch of Epsom salt to the water can help disinfect the hemorrhoids and improve healing.

5. Witch Hazel Soak

Adding a little witch hazel to the water tub further helps shrink and soften the hemorrhoid bumps. Moreover, witch hazel has natural numbing properties, which helps reduce the amount of pain in the affected area.

One should soak their bottom in diluted witch hazel solution for 5-10 minutes before using the bathroom to experience minimum pain.

6. Laxatives

If a person is constipated while suffering from hard and painful hemorrhoids, they should consume a laxative before going to the bathroom.

Many drug store or natural laxatives usually need 3-5 hours to soften stools and ease constipation. Hence, one should observe their bathroom routine and take the laxative accordingly.

For a more immediate solution, laxative suppositories or anal enemas can help soften the stools in just 10-20 minutes.

7. Lubrication

To allow the easy and pain-free expulsion of stools, one should lubricate the anal opening and the rectal canal.

Coconut oil is a great natural lubricant that has excellent healing properties. Using coconut oil to soften the anus and injecting it directly into the rectum right before using the bathroom may work.

If someone with hemorrhoids use the bathroom early in the morning, they can inject Vaseline into their anus and leave it overnight. Doing so will help lubricate the insides and cover the hemorrhoids from getting damaged by the hard stools.

Relieve Your Pain!

Using the bathroom while suffering from hard and painful hemorrhoid bumps can be an absolute nightmare.

However, using home remedies and proper medication can help reduce and completely eliminate the pain.

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