Can I Receive Anal Sex if I Have Hemorrhoids or Anal Fissures?

Anal sex when suffering from hemorrhoids

Chronic constipation, old age, genetic make-up, poor diet, pregnancy, and anal sex are common causes of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. When prolonged unhealthy pressure is exerted on the rectal canal or anus, surrounding blood vessels get damaged. These damaged vessels get inflamed to form bumps or pouches of blood called hemorrhoids.

Some hemorrhoid bumps are minor and disappear without much intervention. However, some hemorrhoid bumps can last for more than a month and cause extreme mental and physical distress.

The intensity of the pressure does more damage than just breaking the blood vessels. Instead, small tears form inside the rectum and on the anal opening. Persistent constipation or pressure could cause the tears to keep increasing in number and size. These anal and rectal tears are called anal fissures.

Painful hemorrhoids and anal fissures require medical attention and focused care. Continued poor dietary choices, increasing body weight, and other harmful practices could cause these hemorrhoids and anal fissures to bleed and get infected.

Receiving anal sex is one of the many harmful practices that could worsen a person’s hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

Continue reading below to understand how anal sex causes hemorrhoids and anal fissures and why it is unsafe to keep practicing it during recovery. Moreover, the article also highlights some safe ways of receiving anal sex to avoid the formation of hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

How Does Receiving Anal Sex Cause Hemorrhoids and Anal Fissures?

Anal sex is a form of intercourse that involves inserting a phallus inside a person’s anal cavity. According to some studies, 20-30% of American women are reported to practice anal sex frequently.

Unlike a vaginal canal, the anal canal has no natural lubrication. As a result, receiving anal sex could add unhealthy pressure to the person’s anal opening and rectal canal. Frequent and prolonged pressure could damage the blood vessels and rectal canal, resulting in hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Moreover, forcing the anal opening to stretch without proper lubrication can cause major anal fissure tears that could bleed and catch lethal infections.

Moreover, some people complain about experiencing intense pain during and after anal sex. This pain causes people to delay using the bathroom. Prolonged delay can cause stool to accumulate and harden. As a result, the passing of such hard-accumulated stools could cause hemorrhoids or anal fissures to form.

Should a Person Continue Receiving Anal Sex with Hemorrhoids and Anal Fissures?

Hemorrhoids and anal fissures can cause extreme pain and limit a person’s everyday mobility. Hence, it is critical that the person gets timely medical attention and begins treatment before the hemorrhoids worsen.

Ideally, a person should not continue receiving anal sex when suffering from hemorrhoids or anal fissures. Repeated penetration in the anal cavity could cause the hemorrhoid bumps and anal fissure tears to hurt and bleed. Excessive bleeding can make the person dizzy and anemic. In case it worsens and forms an open wound due to frequent bleeding, chances of a serious infection increases.

Rather, it is essential the person allows the hemorrhoids and anal fissures to properly heal first. Once the treatment is complete and the disease has subsided, the person can continue to practice anal sex. They’ll have to be careful in doing so by ensuring they are maintaining their hygiene and using plenty of lubrication.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids and Anal Fissures Caused by Receiving Anal Sex?

  • Press an ice pack or cold compress to the affected area four to five times every day for at least ten to fifteen minutes each time. Doing so would help shrink the hemorrhoid bumps. Moreover, the cold temperature would attract warm blood to the affected area. The blood would speed up the healing process. Furthermore, the cold would numb the area allow relief from pain and irritation.
  • Wear loose-fitting trousers and cotton underwear. Loosely fitted attire would reduce the friction between the bumps, tears and the fabric’s surface. This would reduce irritation and improve healing. Moreover, cotton underwear is more breathable and allows the affected area to remain clean and dry. Since accumulated moisture traps germs, wearing loose cotton underwear can reduce the chances of infection.
  • Apply aloe vera gel to the affected area directly. Aloe vera gel has natural healing properties that could help shrink hemorrhoid bumps and help heal anal fissure tears. In case of internal hemorrhoids or fissures, one can inject the aloe vera gel directly into the rectal canal.
  • Lubricate the anal opening and rectal canal with pure coconut oil to allow smooth expulsion of stools. Coconut’s natural healing properties also help speed up the treatment.
  • Prepare a warm water bath and soak your bottom in the water for ten to fifteen minutes, two to three times daily. Doing so would help keep your bottom clean and soften the hemorrhoid bumps and fissure tears. Add some Epson salt to the water to make it a great disinfectant for your affected area. Adding small amounts of witch hazel to the salt and water solution could help numb the affected area and reduce pain.

How to Practice Safe Anal Sex to Avoid Hemorrhoids and Anal Fissures from Forming?

In order to practice safe anal sex, one should:

  • Properly lubricate the phallus, the anal opening and the rectal canal. One can use commercial lubes or natural lubricants such as coconut or olive oil;
  • Use a well-lubricated condom to reduce friction and chances of infections;
  • Avoid stretching the anal opening to unnatural dimensions and respect the body’s limit.

Stay Safe!

It is important to know how your body reacts to your choices. Receiving anal sex while suffering from hemorrhoids and anal fissures could cause the disease to worsen and reverse healing. Hence, one should allow their body to rest before indulging in such sexual activities properly.

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