Best Hemorrhoids Treatment Facilities in the US

Top hemorrhoid treatment facilities in the US

Hemorrhoids are bumps or blood pouches formed by inflamed blood vessels surrounding the rectum and anus. People that with frequent constipation along with those who might be pregnant, obese, or tend to sit on the toilet for long periods experience hemorrhoids more often. Their rectal canal and anus are squeezed by unhealthy amounts of pressure. This pressure can cause the surrounding blood vessels to break and form hemorrhoid bumps.

There are two main types of hemorrhoids. One type disappears on its own and requires no conscious intervention. While the other type often persists for over a month and can cause extreme physical and mental distress to the patient. These persistent hemorrhoids demand medical attention, and neglect can cause them to burst and catch lethal infections.

Several studies suggest that a large population of Americans suffers from hemorrhoids, and the number is increasing every year. A study conducted by the NIDDK proved that nearly half of the Americans aged above 50 suffer from anal hemorrhoids. Moreover, a bigger percentage of these people were found to be women.

Google search engine data showed that the number of hemorrhoids-related online searches conducted by Americans has multiplied over the years. This research data result could either be caused by today’s nationwide accessibility of the internet, or because more Americans now suffer from hemorrhoids.

Continue reading below to understand why hemorrhoids seem to be increasing in the US and the top hemorrhoid treatment facilities in America.

Why are hemorrhoids Increasing in the US?

Several studies point out the increase of hemorrhoid patients in the US. Researchers have been able to conclude some possible reasons behind this rapid increase. Some of such reasons are:

  • Increase in the sales and consumption of dairy items such as ice creams, cheese, etc.
  • Increase in the sales and consumption of processed and deep-fried foods. This increase has been examined due to inflation and the rising prices of organic and unprocessed food items;
  • Increase in nationwide obesity
  • Popularity of heavy-weight lifting workouts
  • Popularity and frequency of anal intercourse
  • Occupations that require prolonged sitting

Best Hemorrhoids Treatment Facilities in the US

Due to the commonality of the disease, plenty of hemorrhoid-related research is conducted in the US. As a result, the country now has quite a few of the world’s top leading hemorrhoid treatment facilities.

Hemorrhoids Center of Los Angeles

Located in the south of Beverly Hills, the Hemorrhoid Center of Los Angeles is one of the most well-reputed hemorrhoid treatment facilities in all of America.

This medical facility is led by one of the best Proctologists, Dr. Maz Ghodsian. He specializes in diagnosing and treating all kinds of anal hemorrhoids, genital warts, and anal fissures. The medical facility has the latest medical technology and one of the finest professional staff that provides surgical and non-surgical hemorrhoid treatments, wart removal, laser treatment, and others.

Moreover, the center is known for quick and effective treatment methods usually carried out within a day. To book a consultation, one can call their official number or make an appointment through their website.

Apart from Los Angeles, this incredible facility is also located in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and Bakersfield.

Procedure Clinic

Located in Edina, Minnesota and Orlando, Florida, the Procedure Clinic is well known for its qualified team of doctors, up-to-date facilities, and innovative medical treatments.

This medical facility is one of the few to introduce the use of infrared coagulation (IRC) to treat hemorrhoids. IRC involves using a probe that’s inserted into the rectal canal that transmits infrared rays onto a hemorrhoid bump. The heat from the rays causes the bump to burn, shrink and die.

This treatment method is completely non-surgical safe. Hence many patients, who otherwise fear invasive treatments, choose this facility with ease of mind.

For a consultation, call their official number or book an appointment through their website.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit medical organization with facilities situation in Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota.

Mayo Clinic is known for its technological advancements in medical machinery and its highly qualified staff. it’s the clinic also provides rectal and hemorrhoid treatments, and helps hundreds of hemorrhoid patients every year. Mayo Clinic’s Minnesota branch has been ranked as number one for digestive disorders in the US and has always been high in the world’s best hospitals ranking.

Other than prescribing effective hemorrhoid medication, Mayo Clinic offers treatments like:

  • Rubber band ligations
  • Injection sclerotherapy
  • Infrared Coagulation (IRC)
  • Hemorrhoid Removal Surgery
  • Hemorrhoid stapling

To book an appointment for consultation, one can call on their official contact numbers or click here.

Hemorrhoid Centers of America

The hemorrhoid Centers of America is one of the US’s largest medical facility networks. It has two treatment centers in Florida, seven in Georgia, one in Idaho, and three in Illinois.

This medical facility is known for providing high-quality hemorrhoid treatments and has a high success rate. All the different facilities are run by a highly qualified doctors and trained medical staff. There are separate well-equipped compounds to deal with hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Some of the treatments offered at the facility include:

  • Non-surgical rubber band ligation,
  • Laser treatment that requires no use of anesthesia,
  • Infrared Coagulation (IRC),
  • Short and quick hemorrhoid removal surgeries,
  • Hemorrhoid stapling.

You can book an appointment by calling the hospital or click here to do it online.

Final Thoughts

With the growing number of hemorrhoid patients, the need for effective treatment methods and high-quality facilities also increases.

Hence, America has many top hemorrhoid treatment facilities, some of which are ranked the highest globally.

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