Preparation H or Desitin?

Preparation H or Desitin?

If you have had to deal with hemorrhoids at some point in your life, you know that there are times when you will use any product that can provide you with relief from the bothersome symptoms. But, are the products you’re using effective in treating the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

Chances are you have heard of the Preparation H brand and associate it with hemorrhoids. But, what about Desitin? The popular diaper rash treatment is not new to the market, and many patients have reported using it to treat hemorrhoids as well. Let’s explore the two and look at the pros and cons of both popular products.

Preparation H for Hemorrhoids

It is no secret that Preparation H is used to treat hemorrhoids. With a brand reputation that stands the test of time, Preparation H as a variety of products in their line of hemorrhoid treatment. Preparation H takes a 4 active ingredients approach to combat hemorrhoids. The active ingredients in all Preparation H products actively shrink hemorrhoids, reduce inflammation, and alleviate symptoms such as itch, pain, and burning.

In addition to the fact that they use a variety of active ingredients, Preparation H has a variety of products formulated to target specific symptoms. From pain relief and numbing agents to cooling and anti-itch properties, the brand really does cover a variety of symptoms in its effective approach to treat hemorrhoids.

What About Desitin?

We know that Preparation H is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids, so what about Desitin? Desitin is actively used to treat diaper rash, but some patients have found relief in its use for hemorrhoids. While it doesn’t contain as many active ingredients as Preparation H, it is composed of zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is an active ingredient in other brands of hemorrhoid cream and ointment, like Anusol.

Desitin can help hemorrhoids because the zinc oxide provides a protective barrier over the skin to help heal irritation and inflammation. It is also commonly used to treat the itch and pain of diaper rash, so it naturally helps with the pain and itch associated with hemorrhoids. While Desitin isn’t the most effective way to treat hemorrhoids, when compared to Preparation H, it can give you the relief you need if it’s the only product in your house.

When Is Desitin More Effective?

There is one case where Desitin is a better treatment option for hemorrhoids. If your child is experiencing the symptoms of hemorrhoids, you should always seek medical treatment first. Once you determine that they do have hemorrhoids, Desitin is a safer treatment for children. Preparation H products can be used for children if directed by a doctor, but Desitin is definitely a safer treatment for kids.

Another area where Desitin may win the competition comes with the inactive ingredients. Preparation H has a bunch of inactive ingredients that aren’t the best for your body. But, Desitin has more natural inactive ingredients that can soothe and protect the skin and promote faster healing. These include:

  • Petrolatum
  • Cod liver oil
  • Lanolin
  • Glycerin
  • Beeswax
  • Vitamin E

So, Preparation H is the most effective treatment for hemorrhoids, but Desitin has some weight of its own. The zinc oxide in Desitin reduces irritation, calms itching and helps relieve pain. And the inactive ingredients can soothe the skin and promote healing. But it does not carry the astringent and vasoconstrictor ingredients that help shrink hemorrhoids and get rid of the problem fast.

As a second option when you don’t have Preparation H products available, Desitin will definitely help alleviate some of the symptoms of bothersome hemorrhoids. And it is a safe option for children. But, Preparation H is the more effective treatment when you compare the two. Talk to your doctor about the best way to treat your hemorrhoids. Because no matter what, you’ll be sure to find comfort when you get the relief you need from those bothersome symptoms.