Anusol Ointment vs. Preparation H Ointment - Reviews, Price, Comparisons and More

anusol or preparation h

In this Anusol Ointment vs. Preparation H Ointment guide, we'll discuss which products works the best! We will cover reviews, cost, comparisons, ingredients, doctor recommendations, and more.

Are you suffering from hemorrhoids? Although the condition is common amongst most adults, many patients are embarrassed by hemorrhoids. Luckily, there are several ways to treat them if they become bothersome.

But it can be overwhelming to know which product to pick when you are looking for the right relief for the bothersome symptoms of hemorrhoids.

There are a lot of products available on the market. And choosing amongst a large selection of brands isn’t the only option you face when trying to find something to treat your hemorrhoids.

Most companies that make treatment options for hemorrhoids carry a variety of products that work differently based on the type of hemorrhoids you have and the symptoms most bothersome to you.

Two very common brands of hemorrhoid treatment products are Anusol and Preparation H.

Which to Choose?

Anusol and Preparation H both carry hemorrhoid ointment to treat your condition. So, which is better?

Sometimes it is more a matter of which works for you. Many patients respond differently to different products. Anusol and Preparation H can both be found at your local pharmacy or grocery store. They can also be purchased online. They are available over-the-counter and don’t require a prescription.

Before you decide which product to try, let’s compare the two. In many cases, it is just a matter of what type of hemorrhoids you have. If this is your first time with hemorrhoids, it might take some trial and error to find the right product.

And if you have had them before, you may need to stick what has worked for you or try another product to find your fit.

Since Anusol and Preparation H ointments have been around for years, both have their own effectiveness in treating hemorrhoids. Let’s take a look at the two.

Anusol Ointment for Hemorrhoids

Anusol ointment has been around for years and is an effective means of treating hemorrhoids. The active ingredients in Anusol ointment is zinc sulfate monohydrate.

This is effective in reducing irritation and protecting the skin from further problems by creating a barrier. It also has properties of an astringent which causes the swollen blood vessels in hemorrhoids to shrink, reducing the symptoms of pain, itching, and discomfort.

When it comes to patient reviews, you can search anywhere on the internet and find that Anusol ointment is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids.

The longevity of the brand gives the company a trusted reputation for the treatment of this common condition. Anusol ointment is reasonably priced and can be found in many convenient locations.

Preparation H Ointment for Hemorrhoids

Preparation H ointment is another popular treatment option for hemorrhoids. It may be a more popular brand because the company has done a great deal of marketing over the years. When patients think of hemorrhoid treatment, they tend to associate it with the Preparation H brand.

Like Anusol, Preparation H is a trusted company for products related to hemorrhoids because it has been around for many years.

The difference with Preparation H ointment is the approach it takes in treating hemorrhoids.

While Anusol has one active ingredient, Preparation H ointment uses four active ingredients to combat the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Preparation H ointment consists of:

  • Petrolatum 71.9%
  • Mineral Oil 14%
  • Shark Liver Oil 3%
  • Phenylephrine HCl 0.25%

Similar to the Zinc used in Anusol, Preparation H uses Petrolatum to reduce irritation and create a protective barrier on the skin. The combination of mineral and shark liver oil come together to reduce irritation.

Finally, Phenylephrine is the real medication in the ointment. It is part of a class of compounds that works to shrink blood vessels. Preparation H ointment works to treat hemorrhoids by shrinking hemorrhoids tissue and creating a protective barrier on your skin.

Which Ointment Wins the Competition?

As mentioned earlier, it really does depend on the type of hemorrhoids you have and what treatment option works for you. But, Preparation H ointment uses four active treatments to Anusol’s one active ingredient.

This leads most to respond best to Preparation H. The four active ingredients work together to combat multiple symptoms of hemorrhoids.

It provides instant relief and quicker healing time to get your back to better health fast. And, the brand is a trusted business in the industry of hemorrhoid prevention, treatment, and care.