What Not To Do With Hemorrhoids?

Things to Avoid When You Have Hemorrhoids

Do you feel hesitant to talk about your medical conditions? If yes, it’s time you open up about them. Why? Because lack of awareness might make you suffer more. Not knowing how to take care of yourself in certain conditions can cause your problems to worsen over time.

Let’s discuss hemorrhoids today, a common condition that affects more than 75% of the population once in their lifetime. People suffering from hemorrhoids often end up in more pain than they should. Why? Because they don’t know how to prevent the symptoms from getting worse.

This blog highlights the things to avoid when you have hemorrhoids. Continue reading to know about this condition in detail.

The Basics of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are pillow-like bundles of tissues and nerves located on the lower parts of our anal and rectal walls. That means we all have hemorrhoids in our bodies. They turn into a medical condition only if they become enlarged.

Hemorrhoids mostly develop due to pressure on the rectal and anal areas. This pressure is caused by numerous factors, such as chronic constipation, pregnancy, weight gain, old age, etc. Once the blood vessels swell due to pressure, they result in rectal bleeding, pain, itching, and discomfort around the anal area.

Hemorrhoids have two primary categories: internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids are further categorized into four different grades (I, II, III, & IV) based on their degree of prolapse. Plus, external hemorrhoids can become thrombosed if they develop blood clots.

Things to Avoid When You Have Hemorrhoids

You don’t have to panic because you have hemorrhoids. They are not always painful. In fact, they disappear on their own, if not severely inflamed. Even if your symptoms turn severe, there are numerous treatments that can help you get rid of them.

Below is a list of precautions to prevent your hemorrhoids from getting worse.

1. Don’t Eat Fatty or Low-Fiber Foods.

Your diet is the root cause of numerous health problems. People who are in the habit of eating fatty foods usually suffer from constipation. Consequently, they find themselves straining too much during bowel movements. Plus, their stool is usually hard, which causes even more pressure down there. All this strain can worsen your hemorrhoids.

To avoid or reduce constipation, stay away from fatty foods like dairy, meat, and processed foods at all costs. Instead, make fiber-rich foods your best friend, such as fruits, oatmeal, beans, nuts, and whole-grain bread. Plus, don’t forget to drink enough water.

2. Don’t Sit Fir Too Long.

Do you remain seated for long periods? If yes, your hemorrhoids are likely to flare up. Maybe your desk job requires you to sit in front of the screen for hours. In that case, take frequent breaks to walk around a bit.

Similarly, passing bowel movements take time when you are constipated. Do not sit on the toilet seat for a long time (more than 3 minutes). Instead, get and walk around. It will stimulate your bowels, making it easy for you to pass the stool without waiting.

3. Don’t Take Your Phone To The Toilet.

Do you have the habit of using your phone in the toilet? If yes, you definitely spend too much time sitting on the toilet seat without even realizing it. Why? Because time passes too fast when you are scrolling through social media. Sitting on the toilet seat or other hard surfaces for too long puts even more strain on your swollen veins. This is why you should not take your phone to the toilet when you have hemorrhoids.

4. Don’t Wipe Constantly.

Internal hemorrhoids protruding through your anus consist of mucus that causes irritation and discomfort down there. You might feel strong urges to wipe the area constantly for relief, but do not surrender! Rubbing tissues and wiping hard can make your hemorrhoid worse.

5. Don’t Use Laxatives Too Much.

Being constipated feels terrible, right? Laxatives are a big help in this condition. However, prolonged use of laxatives is not a good idea! They might cure your constipation but cause other problems like bloating, farting, tummy cramps, and dehydration. A better option is to improve your diet by introducing fiber-rich food gradually.

6. Don’t Delay Bathroom Trips.

Some people do not feel comfortable using restrooms in public areas or unfamiliar places. They hold the pressure in until they get home.

This habit has many adverse effects on bowel health. The more you wait, the drier your stools are. Never delay going to the bathroom when you feel the pressure. It aggravates constipation, making your hemorrhoids worse.

7. Don’t’ Lift Heavy Objects.

Lifting heavy objects means you are exerting more pressure on your body which is bad for hemorrhoids. It can inflame the clots in your external hemorrhoids, leading to severe pain and bleeding. You can always ask others for help; they can lift the object for you.

8. Don’t Stress Too Much.

Stress can intensify any medical condition, including hemorrhoids. When you are stressed, you either feel like eating nothing or eating a lot. Both under and over eating result in digestive issues. Moreover, stress also affects your metabolism (how fast you can digest food).

In short, stress leads to bowel disorders like constipation or diarrhea, aggravating your hemorrhoids. So, stay stress-free if you want to get better soon!

Final Words

You can get rid of hemorrhoids if you know how to take care of yourself in this condition.

Firstly, you should stay away from fatty foods to avoid constipation. You should also avoid lifting heavy objects, delaying bathroom trips, and wiping constantly. Moreover, overuse of laxatives and too much stress can cause your hemorrhoids to flare up.

All in all, you should not do anything that results in increased pressure on your rectum and anus. If you can add anything else to the list, feel free to do so in the comments below!