Preparation H Hemorrhoid Symptom Treatment Ointment Review

Preparation H cream for hemorrhoids

Preparation H Hemorrhoid Symptom Treatment Ointment is a product for external and internal hemorrhoid conditions. Hemorrhoidial tissue can become swollen, torn, or damaged. The ointment is great for providing fast-acting relief from discomfort, itching, pain, and burning.

Preparation H Hemorrhoid Treatment

When small veins in the anus and rectum get irritated, hemorrhoids form. This may be caused by sitting for lengthy periods of time, straining to pass stool, pressure induced by pregnancy and extra body weight, continuing digestive disorders, or other factors. Straining while using the toilet, pregnancy or delivery, and heredity are a few of the most common reasons for hemorrhoid flare-ups. Anus itching, soreness, and discomfort are some of the symptoms that differ from person to person. To treat your hemorrhoid problems, rely on Preparation H, the #1 selling hemorrhoid cream. Before using the Preparation H Ointment, use medicated wipes to chill, soothe, and wash the area.

Preparation H Ointment reduces swelling of the hemorrhoid tissue while simultaneously providing a soothing coating of protection against additional skin irritation, allowing you to go on with your day. Hemorrhoids are much more frequent than you would believe.

Hemorrhoids cause burning, swelling, itching, and discomfort, and this ointment is used to provide relief from them temporarily. It includes phenylephrine, which is part of the sympathomimetic amines family of medicines. It works by constricting your blood vessels in the anal region. Swelling and pain are reduced as a result of this impact.

Discomfort Can Be Relieved Immediately

Petrolatum and mineral oil, two widely recognized skin protectants, are used in Preparation H Ointment Hemorrhoid Symptom Treatment. When these active substances are applied to the skin, they instantly begin to calm inflammatory tissue, providing relief from itching, burning, and other forms of pain. The anti-inflammatory agents can be healing and helpful for patients. Whenever the hemorrhoid treatment is applied as indicated, the components help lower the chance of irritation flare-ups.

Swelling is Reduced

The Preparation H Ointment Hemorrhoid Symptom Treatment contains phenylephrine Hclat 0.25 percent in addition to skin protectants. This active component acts as a vasoconstrictor, causing blood vessels to tighten. Hemorrhoids diminish as a result of the compound's direct action on enlarged blood vessels in the rectal-anal region.

Prescribed by Doctors

Preparation H is a leading doctor-recommended product for hemorrhoid therapy because of its efficacy. The over-the-counter drug is frequently sufficient to alleviate hemorrhoid symptoms; however, persons who have worsening symptoms or do not observe relief in symptoms within a week should seek medical advice.

High-Quality Preparation

Pfizer, a prominent firm that conforms to industry safety and quality requirements, manufactures Preparation H. All of their products are intended to give long-term treatment to patients who suffer from hemorrhoids or other anal-rectal problems.

Interaction with Other Medications

Preparation H may lead to side effects if it interacts with other medication, putting you at risk for significant adverse effects. Here are some drugs that you may not want to use it with:

  • Methylene blue
  • Phenelzine
  • MAO inhibitors
  • Medication for high blood pressure
  • Safinamide
  • Moclobemide
  • Linezolid
  • Rasagiline

You should consult with your physician to make sure that the Preparation H ointment is safe for you to use.

How to Use

When possible, clean the afflicted area with a cleaning wipe by patting or wiping it. Before using this ointment, gently dry the area with a paper napkin or a soft cloth. Apply up to four times a day to the afflicted region, preferably at night, in the morning, and after a bowel movement. It may be used on both the outside and the inside (with an applicator).

Directions for Internal Use:

  • Before and after, wash your hands. Before using, try to clear your bowels and bladder.
  • Remove the applicator's protective lid.  Connect the applicator to the tube.
  • Squeeze the applicator to fill it with ointment.
  • Lightly lubricate the applicator before gently inserting it into the rectum 12 inches.
  • Squeeze the tube to apply the ointment to the rectum.
  • After each use, thoroughly clean the applicator and reinstall the protective cover.
  • Wait 1-3 hours after applying the ointment before having a bowel movement.

To wash the applicator, wash it in warm water with moderate soap before rinsing it well.

Final Thoughts

The Preparation H Hemorrhoid Symptom Treatment Ointment review highlights that it can be a great solution for hemorrhoids, anal-rectal conditions, and anal fissures. It can be a quick-acting solution to providing relief for burning, itching, pain, or bleeding. It can help treat and heal swollen, torn, or damaged hemorrhoids. It is a necessary ointment that one can rely on for comfort.

Hemrid is also a great option for patients with hemorrhoids and anal fissures. It has scientifically-tested products that are effective and efficient at treating your medical conditions. They contain ingredients that are properly researched to ensure high-quality results.