Nivagen - Lidocaine 5% Anorectal Cream Review

Hemorrhoid cream review

Nivagen - Lidocaine 5% Anorectal Cream

About the Company – Nivagen

Generic prescription medications and over-the-counter products are the focus of Nivagen's development, acquisition, and sales activities in North America. Global partnerships with FDA-approved manufacturing facilities around the world are at the heart of their mission to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices.

Nivegen has some of the best sales and marketing people in the world. Generic prescriptions in the United States are highly valued. This company is confident that, through its global alliances with highly efficient pharmaceutical companies all over the world, it can save consumers money while also creating value for the entire supply chain. Its products are famous around the globe because of their effectiveness and credibility.

FDA-Qualified Manufacturer

Nivagen is a small FDA-qualified manufacturer. It can provide turnkey solutions and cost-effective delivery on an expedited timetable to help you launch products in the United States. It has access to many products that are tried and tested, and highly effective for hemorrhoids.

Nivagen - Lidocaine 5% Anorectal Cream

Give Away Your Distress! Nivagen - Lidocaine 5% Anorectal Cream is an amazing solution to your hemorrhoids problem. Hemorrhoids and other anorectal diseases can be swiftly relieved with Nivagen's 5 percent Lidocaine cream.

The Lidocaine ointment can be applied directly to the affected area to provide immediate pain relief. The finger cots can be used to apply the product quickly and easily. Apply it as soon as you begin to feel any discomfort for immediate relief. You can get relief from the pain, burning, itching within 90 seconds.

How to Apply the Cream

  • Insert a finger into the cot and then roll the cot to completely cover the finger.
  • To use, place a small amount of cream on the tip of your finger and gently rub it into the affected region until it is absorbed. The affected area should be completely covered each time you do this step.
  • Remove the finger cot and throw it in the trash.

Remember only a thin layer should be applied to the affected area twice or three times a day, or as prescribed by a doctor.

Product Description

Nivagen - Lidocaine 5% Anorectal Cream is used to treat hemorrhoids, abrasion, pruritic eczema, insect bites, mild burn, pain and soreness due to skin-related skin disorders. The active ingredient in Nivagen - Lidocaine 5% Anorectal Cream is lidocaine hydrochloride, which is found in a concentration of 5 percent (30 mg).

Lidocaine – Break down of the Main Ingredient

Local anesthetic activity can be achieved by releasing lidocaine from a moderate acidic carrier that inhibits the ionic fluxes essential for initiation and conduction of impulses.

After applying Lidocaine to the skin, the rate and extent of absorption will depend on the location of application, duration of exposure, concentration of the drug, and total dosage. Intratracheal injection of local anesthetics has the fastest rate of absorption of topical anesthetics. Due to hepatic biotransformation, there is little intact Lidocaine in circulation.

The liver breaks down lidocaine quickly, and the kidneys eliminate the metabolites and the unaltered substance. Oxidative N-dealkylation, ring hydroxylation, cleavage of the amide bond, and conjugation are all examples of biotransformation. The metabolites monoethylglycinexylidide and glycinexylidide are produced by the biotransformation pathway N-dealkylation. These metabolites have similar pharmacological and toxicological effects to lidocaine; however, are less powerful.

90% of lidocaine is excreted in the form of different metabolites and less than 10% is excreted unaltered. The 4-hydroxy-2, 6-dimethylaniline conjugate is the major urinary metabolite. The blood-brain barrier and placental barrier appear to be penetrated by passive diffusion of lidocaine. A typical elimination half-life of 1.5 to 2 hours has been observed in studies of lidocaine metabolism following intravenous bolus doses.

The anesthetic is used to treat a wide range of skin and mucous membrane disorders such as hemorrhoids, pruritic eczemas, burns, abrasions, itching, insect bites, and other types of pain and discomfort.


People with a damaged mucosa, subsequent bacterial infection at the affected area or a history of allergy to any of the ingredients should not use this product. Patients who have a history of hypersensitivity to local anesthetics of the amide type should not use Lidocaine. This product is exclusively for external use. It is incompatible with the usage of contact lenses in the eye.

If irritation or sensitivity develops, stop using the product and seek medical attention. Children and elderly people who may be more sensitive to the systemic effects of lidocaine should take caution while using Nivagen - Lidocaine 5% Anorectal Cream.

Can You Use Nivagen - Lidocaine 5% Anorectal Cream during Pregnancy?

According to research, no evidence of fetal injury has been found using lidocaine doses. Studies on pregnant women have thus far been lacking in both quality and scope. Predictors of human behavior derived from animal reproduction studies are not usually accurate. This aspect should be taken into account while giving lidocaine to pregnant women, especially in the early stages of pregnancy when organogenesis is at its peak.

Can Nursing Mothers Use Nivagen - Lidocaine 5% Anorectal Cream?

Human milk contains lidocaine that can be excreted from the body. The clinical significance of this discovery is not understood at this point in time. You must take safety precautions when administering lidocaine to a nursing mother. Moreover, children's dosage should be lowered in accordance with the child's age, weight, and physical condition.

Side Effects Nivagen - Lidocaine 5% Anorectal Cream

Some patients have reported to have erythema and edema at the affected area. They also experience strange sensations. Call your doctor immediately if you end up experiencing any of these side effects.