Natural and Organic Ways to Treat Hemorrhoids

treating hemorrhoids naturally

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are inflamed veins in the rectum or anus that form an inflamed bump. These bumps may form either internally or externally, and sometimes even both.

Hemorrhoids can sometimes remain unnoticed and disappear on their own after a few weeks. In other cases, hemorrhoids can be extremely painful and can bleed enough to make a person dizzy. Such hemorrhoids make walking, sitting, and sleeping almost unbearable. If your hemorrhoids have progressed to this point, it’s necessary you see a doctor and seek professional medical advice.

This may involve the doctor prescribing drug store ointments containing hydrocortisone, oral medication, anal suppositories, and in more severe cases, even surgery. The situation often comes down to a surgery only when a person has neglected or ignored their hemorrhoids.

However, if your hemorrhoids are not as severe, there are natural and organic ways to treat them without necessitating medical intervention.

What Are Some Natural and Organic Ways to Treat Hemorrhoids?

Eating High Fiber Foods

Hemorrhoids develop in or around a person’s anus or rectum when they apply excessive force to push out stiff stool. The stools get hard and stiff due to the lack of fiber in a person’s body. When you consume a low fiber diet, the essential gel lining the gut reduces and the stool becomes harder and stiffer.

Hence, in order to avoid constipation or hemorrhoid flareups, one should always consume a high fiber diet. Doing so keeps the entire digestive system healthy, and keeps the stool soft and bulky. You must also avoid dairy items, processed food, fast food and caffeinated drinks and shift to fresh whole grains, organic leafy and root vegetables, fruits, legumes and pulses.

Soaking in Warm Water

When a person has hemorrhoids covered their anus and rectum, the skin of the anus might become hard and rough. To reduce the inflammation and reduce the pain, you should prepare a tub with clean fresh warm water. If available, also add some Epsom salts to the water, which works as a great disinfectant and pain reliever.

Once the water is prepared, soak your bottom in the water for at least 10-15 minutes 2-3 times every day. Doing so would clean the hemorrhoids, soften your anus, and provide you some relief from the pain.

High Water Consumption

Water consumption is critical to maintain healthy bodily functions. When a person does not drink enough water or consumes foods and drinks with little to no water content, a person may get constipated. The dry stool keeps getting accumulated in the digestive sytem and when expelled from the body, damages the hemorrhoid and any anal tears.

To avoid this from happening, drink 1.5-2 liters of water everyday and consume foods and drinks, like celery juicy, that keep the body hydrated, and the stools soft.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is a great naturally growing plant that can grow almost everywhere. The gel contains amazing disinfectant and healing properties that make it perfect for treating wounds, acne, and even burnt skin.

Peal an aloe vera stem and remove the fleshy gel content with a spoon. Apply the gel directly to your anus at least 4-6 times every day. It helps reduce swelling, heal hemorrhoid wounds, and prevent irritation.

Cold Compresses

Apply ice or a cold compress to any wound helps soothe the pain and reduce swelling. The cold temperature also attracts warm blood to the infected area, which helps speed up healing.

Press a cold compress or icepack to the hemorrhoids for 5-10 minutes, around five to six times a day. This will help reduce the hemorrhoid swelling, allowing the stools to pass more comfortably. This will also help clot an open wound or a tear and protect it from getting infected.

The cold temperature will also help reduce pain by numbing your hemorrhoid and will reduce itching and irritation.

Loose Fitted Cotton Clothing

Cotton is a soft fabric that does not create a lot of friction. It is a breathable fabric that avoids moisture from getting trapped.

Cotton underwear helps prevents hemorrhoids from getting scratched or damaged by rough fabric or surfaces. It also helps keep hemorrhoids dry and aired, essential as moisture traps germs and causes irritation.

Witch Hazel or Apple Cider Vinegar

Witch hazel and apple cider vinegar works as great natural disinfectants and numbing agents. When diluted with water and applied to hemorrhoids, they provide pain relief by numbing the area and allowing painless passing of the stools.

Their disinfectant properties help keep hemorrhoids clean from germs, which is essential for protecting the body from life-threatening infections.

Coconut Oil

When a person does not consume sufficient insoluble fiber, the gel lining the interior sides of the guts eventually gets thinner. This lining is critical for providing lubrication for easy and pain-free expulsion of stool.

In order to ensure hemorrhoid does not get damaged or triggered, try applying coconut oil to your anus to soften hemorrhoid and the anal opening. Coconut oil also has great healing properties, which help coat hemorrhoids and keep it from getting infected.

If the hemorrhoid is internal, inject coconut oil or insert a coconut oil expository into the anus. This helps keep the stool moist and provides the necessary lubrication for pain-free stool expulsion.

Final Thoughts

Hemorrhoids can be painful and make something as simple as walking and sitting unbearable. When ignored, the hemorrhoids keep worsening and may even become life-threatening. The person might have to go through surgery and intensive medical care in such situations.

However, a person can protect their hemorrhoids from further damage and speed up their recovery. Using cold compresses, aloe vera gel, coconut oil suppositories, loose cotton clothing while maintaining a good natural diet can help protect hemorrhoids and make them heal faster.

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