How to Shrink Hemorrhoids Fast at Home

Shrinking hemorrhoids fast at home

Dealing with hemorrhoids, whether they’re external or internal, can be unpleasant. Even though most go away unnoticed, others persist for more extended periods and require attention. Untreated or neglected hemorrhoids can often bleed and catch fatal infections. These hemorrhoids are extremely painful and can affect a person’s physical and mental wellbeing.

The good thing about this disease’s commonality is that significant research and efforts have developed effective treatment methods. These treatment methods include drug store medication, surgeries, and at-home natural remedies.

The at-home natural treatment requires easy-to-find ingredients and equipment to help cure and prevent hemorrhoids from developing. Many times, the at-home hemorrhoid treatment is so effective that a doctor does not have to be involved.

The at-home treatment also helps cure those people who either cannot afford to or are embarrassed to consult a doctor.

Continue reading below to learn about the effective at-home treatments that can help shrink hemorrhoid bumps quickly.

At-Home Remedies to Shrink Hemorrhoids Quickly

1. Developing a Healthy Diet

The foods and drinks that we consume affect our bodily health in many ways. The right foods and drinks can help boost immunity, fight future diseases, and help cure illnesses.

Chronic constipation is one of the major causes of hemorrhoids. When a person is frequently constipated, the pressure of the hard and stiff stools can cause the blood vessels to break and get inflamed, forming hemorrhoid bumps.

Processed and deep-fried food offers little to no fiber content to the body. Instead, these foods are packed with excessive unhealthy oils and sodium that cause bloating and weight gain.

Moreover, caffeinated drinks and sodas dehydrate the body and worsen constipation.

The tip here is to develop a healthy diet plan containing fiber-rich foods and hydrating drinks. Such foods include legumes, whole grains, pulses, vegetables, and fruits. Adding these foods to your daily meal will not only help shrink your hemorrhoids but will also prevent more from forming.

2. Cold Compresses

Using a cold compress or an ice pack on your hemorrhoid bumps would immediately help decrease inflammation and reduce their size. The cold temperature will also help stimulate blood flow to your hemorrhoids, which would help with the healing process. Cold compresses also numb the hemorrhoids, providing pain relief.

You need to press an icepack or cold compress to your hemorrhoid bumps for five to fifteen minutes. Repeat this process at least three to five times a day to significantly reduce the size of your hemorrhoids.

3. Coconut Oil

Hemorrhoid bumps could get worse and enlarge when a person’s constipation continues. The passing of hard and stiff stools could reopen a hemorrhoid wound and even form more. Hence, it is essential to keep your hemorrhoid bumps and rectal canal lubricated to allow uniterrupted bowel movements.

Using coconut oil on your hemorrhoid can help soften and shrink their size. Moreover, the oily layer would protect an open hemorrhoid wound from getting infected. Injecting coconut oil inside the rectum with a syringe or a suppository can lubricate the gut’s insides and shrink any internal hemorrhoids.

Moreover, coconut oil also has natural healing properties, which help keep the size of the hemorrhoids small and promote healing.

4. A Warm Water Soak

Hemorrhoids can become stiff and tough, tightening the anal opening and rectal canal. If not treated, the passing of stools could cause these hard bumps to bleed and get infected.

One effective way of softening and shrinking the hemorrhoid is by soaking the bottom in a warm water bath. Make sure the water is pure and fresh. Epsom salt would help clear the water of any germs and relieve the pain.

Practice soaking your bottom in a warm water bath at least two to three times daily, for at least ten to fifteen minutes each time. The shrunk hemorrhoids would allow easy passing of the stools and eventually get cured.

5. Witch Hazel and Water Soak

To make the water soak treatment method more effective, dry, add some pure witch hazel to the water.

Witch hazel works as a great natural disinfectant and numbing agent, which helps shrink the hemorrhoid bumps quickly.

Moreover, the diluted witch hazel soak would keep your hemorrhoids clean and protect them from any fatal infections. If witch hazel is hard to find, then use diluted apple cider vinegar for the same purpose.

6. Special Hemorrhoid Cushion

Hemorrhoids worsen when a person’s weight and sitting routine put prolonged pressure on them.

When compressed, the existing hemorrhoids can get larger, burst, and new ones can form.

Using a donut-shaped cushion specially designed for hemorrhoid patients can protect the hemorrhoids from prolonged crushing pressures.

Doing so helps shrink the hemorrhoids and fasten the healing process.

7. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is nature’s incredible bounty that has been offering extraordinary medicinal benefits for centuries. This vastly abundant plant has been used for treating internal and external infections and has proven to be fantastic for hemorrhoid treatment.

Cut out an aloe vera strand and scoop out its fleshy gel. Add some water to make the gel smoother, and apply that it directly to your hemorrhoid.

The cooling effect of the aloe vera gel would immediately shrink your hemorrhoid’s size, and its healing properties would aid in treatment.

Reapply the gel to your hemorrhoids at least five to seven times daily for best results.

Treat Your Hemorrhoids Now!

Living with hemorrhoids can be a nightmare, but it does not have to be.

Simple healing and hemorrhoid shrinking ingredients can be found in nearly every household. The proper use of these ingredients and remedies can help keep your hemorrhoids small, and promote healing.

For more information and guidance regarding how to heal and treat your hemorrhoids at home, click here.