How to Get Immediate Relief from Painful Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids

If you’re sick of making runs to your local pharmacy every time you look for relief from painful hemorrhoids, then you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes, getting to the crux of the matter and determining the causes can go a long way in helping you choose the right solution.

Natural remedies have long been a practice to help shrink your hemorrhoids down. At the same time, staying informed is the key to treating them effectively. For one, never ignore any changes around your anal region and get it examined right away, especially if there’s a hint of blood.

However, before we cut to the chase and list down ways to seek immediate relief, here is everything you need to know about hemorrhoids, their causes, and contributing factors.

What Types of Hemorrhoids Cause Excruciating Pain?

While accurate diagnosis is always recommended, it’s important to note that there are several differences between internal and external hemorrhoids. The former is known to be itchy and painless, while the latter can result in severe and constant pain.

External hemorrhoids can often appear in lumps and cause bleeding in case of a blood clot development in the tissue. On the other hand, internal ones may or may not prolapse from your anus. Hence, if you believe you may be suffering from a severe case of external hemorrhoids, get yourself assessed immediately.

What Causes Them?

There are a few factors that contribute to their development, which include:

  • Prolonged sitting
  • Diarrhea (chronic)
  • Constipation (chronic)
  • Childbirth
  • Pregnancy

The following factors may also make the condition worse:

  • Being overweight
  • Lifting heavyweights
  • Inappropriate fitness and strength workouts
  • Weak pelvic floor tissues
  • Inheritance

Remedies for Immediate Pain Relief

Lie Down

Since prolonged standing and sitting are associated with growing pain towards the end of the day, lying down is the number one strategy most people resort to. Remember to place a pillow beneath your knees as it will lower your abdominal weight load on the pelvic floor and help you get rid of anal canal pressure.

Compress with a Cold Item

If lying down hasn’t been effective, try practicing the cold compressing technique. Discomfort and swelling associated with hemorrhoids can be excruciating. Hence, a simple ice cube wrapped in a piece of cloth can be applied to the target area for at least 10 minutes at a time.

Try Repositioning

While this technique is hard to pull off, especially when you’re in pain, doing it the right way may work for temporary relief. All you have to do is lookout for hemorrhoids protruding out of the anus and if it is, try repositioning it inside gently. You may also use a water-based lubricant on your gloved fingertip to make the process easier.

Do Not Strain!

If you constantly practice straining to empty your bowels, it will only prolong the swelling and discomfort. Instead, learn the right toileting techniques and empty the bowels without experiencing pain.

Look After Your Anal Skin

Caring for the anal region goes a long way in relieving pain. For one, do not use soap as you wash hemorrhoids since doing so can cause extreme irritation. Furthermore, always use warm water when washing the sensitive pelvic floor skin. Use a soft towel to pat the area dry when you’re done.

Go For a Warm Bath

A good sitz bath has long been associated with providing instant relief from pain caused by hemorrhoids. All you have to do is fill the tub up with enough water to cover your hip region. Then recline in it for about 15 minutes. Warm baths can do wonders when it comes to providing immediate relief and not just once but throughout the day.

Be Mindful of the Type of Cushions You Use

If you have a habit of sitting on rubber ring cushions, then it may as well be contributing to your pain. These cushions can worsen your discomfort and swelling by elevating pressure within your anus. Go for a doughnut-shaped cushion instead. It helps elevate your buttocks as you sit.

Avoid Using Alcohol Wipes

Anal itching and discomfort often worsen due to the cleaning difficulties you face with skin tags and external hemorrhoids. Moreover, using your regular coarse toilet paper can only make matters worse. Instead, go for non-perfumed and alcohol-free wipes to clean the anal region effectively.

Use Prescribed Ointments, Analgesia, etc.

If none of the stated home remedies have helped you experience pain relief, then it may be time to speak to your health care professional and learn about the right course of treatment.

While hemorrhoid ointments or suppositories are a great way to relieve pain immediately, make sure to use them after consulting your doctor. This is because using inappropriate ointments and analgesics may only end up worsening your straining and constipation.

Hence, make sure to speak to a professional and get the right type of ointments, suppositories, or analgesics prescribed.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it’s important to note that while immediate relief is possible, it shouldn’t be the only course of action to take. There may be a number of techniques and remedies to resort to, but leaving hemorrhoids untreated for long can cause your symptoms to worsen and may even require surgery.

Even though hemorrhoid symptoms can vary, based on the type, location, and several other factors, it’s crucial to determine what it is that’s making your symptoms worse. For some people, sitting in a certain position for too long contributes to the daunting pain. For others, it can be the wrong toileting technique or ignoring the symptoms for a long time.

Regardless, practicing good hygiene, wearing loose-fitted clothing, getting the right cushion, and of course, a warm bath can go a long way to help you manage your symptoms at home. If they haven’t worked, speak to a health care professional right away.