How Much Does an Entire Treatment for Hemorrhoids Cost

Hemorrhoid Treatment Cost

Hemorrhoids have tormented humanity since the dawn of time. Napoleon Bonaparte, the Emperor of France, was affected with hemorrhoidal disease throughout his life. He was suffering from severe thrombosed hemorrhoids on the day of the pivotal battle of Waterloo, which prevented him from riding his horse and supervising the troops during the war.

Even after decades of their inception, hemorrhoids are still the most prevalent anorectal disease today, commonly treated in surgical clinics, emergency rooms, and gastrointestinal units.

More than half of the population will have symptomatic hemorrhoids at some time in their lives. However, half of the individuals seeking treatment for hemorrhoids might be actually suffering from another condition, such as an anal abrasion or fissure. In addition, the fact that hemorrhoids are frequently addressed in historical works demonstrates the lasting impact this illness has had on humankind. Below, you will find an overview of hemorrhoid treatment options, along with their cost in the USA.


Sclerotherapy (injection sclerotherapy) is an older way of treating hemorrhoids that do not involve surgery—an effective and affordable treatment option for grade I and early-stage grade II hemorrhoids. It provides immediate relief and has a success rate of 70% for up to four years following the treatment.

It is a very successful and less time-consuming technique, but it carries some risks, which may be life-threatening in some cases. A typical spider vein treatment (sclerotherapy) would cost you $413, while a routine laser treatment for leg veins costs around $312.

Infrared Coagulation

A non-surgical outpatient method for treating hemorrhoids, infrared coagulation (IRC), is performed on patients with small- and medium-sized internal hemorrhoids. Using infrared light as a heat source, IRC is used to coagulate or clot the vessels that feed blood to the hemorrhoids.

It has an efficiency rate of around 95%, which means the odds are strong that a few painless treatments will be all that stands between you and long-lasting relief from your hemorrhoid discomfort. Typically, an infrared coagulation therapy costs $400 to $500 for each treatment, with an average of four treatments necessary. Therefore, the total cost can be somewhere around $1,600 to $2,000.

Rubber Band Ligation

Rubber Band Ligation is a treatment where rubber bands are used to tie off hemorrhoids at their base, cutting off the blood supply and allowing it to heal. A viewing tool (anoscope) is inserted into the anus to perform this treatment. RBL has a success ratio of between 60% to 80%. Many prospective studies have shown that Rubber-Band Ligation is a simple, safe, and successful way for treating symptomatic grade I, II, and III hemorrhoids. Rubber Band Ligation usually costs anywhere between $500 to $1,500, depending on the number of bands a doctor uses.

Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency therapy for hemorrhoids is often performed under local anesthesia to minimize discomfort. A lubricated proctoscope is inserted into the anus to provide clear sight of the anal canal. A local anesthetic is then injected into the tissue around the Hemorrhoid. RFA is linked with little discomfort with an improvement in HSS within 6–8 weeks of the operation. An ablation using radiofrequency energy might cost anywhere from $2,395 to $4,504.


It is possible to restore anal cushions to their normal position with the help of plication. Oversewing the hemorrhoidal mass and tying a knot at the highest vascular pedicle are the steps involved in this operation. While this operation is relatively safe, there are still several potential problems, including bleeding and pelvic pain following the treatment. Plication can cost anywhere around $3,000.


Hemorrhoidectomy has shown to be the most effective treatment, with the lowest recurrence rate. It is performed using diathermy, while in some cases, it is conducted with a vascular-sealing device such as the Harmonic scalpel or Ligasure. Hemorrhoidectomy under perianal anesthetic can be safely performed with minor complications as an ambulatory procedure. The surgery costs around $3,590 to $7,972.

Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

During stapled hemorrhoidectomy, a round, hollow tube is inserted into the anal canal of the patient. Through this tube, a suture (a long thread that is woven) is put circumferentially into the anal canal above the internal hemorrhoids and secured in place using stitches. The suture ends are pulled out of the anus using the hollow tube. It is possible to pay between $4,072 and $5,127 for a stapled hemorrhoidectomy.

A recent meta-analysis comparing the surgical outcomes of SH and hemorrhoidectomy, which included 27 randomized, controlled trials with a total of 2279 procedures, revealed that the use of SH was associated with an earlier return of bowel function, less pain, shorter hospital stay, improved wound healing, and a higher level of patient satisfaction. The meta-analysis was published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons.

Does Insurance cover Hemorrhoid Treatment?

Depending on the type of hemorrhoids you have and the severity of your condition, the cost of hemorrhoids treatment might vary significantly. If you have a decent insurance plan, the cost of hemorrhoid treatment should not deter you from seeking the treatment since most insurance plans cover hemorrhoid procedures.

The Final Cut

Hemorrhoids are a prevalent problem that affects millions of people in the United States. It is critical to differentiate between this condition and other anorectal disorders. Surgeries are currently performed less often than in the past. However, it is still an option for patients experiencing severe symptoms of hemorrhoidal disease or who have failed to respond to conservative therapy.

There are several surgical methods available for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Although most surgical therapies are based on ligation and excision concepts, alternative procedures are being developed to minimize tissue dissection, postoperative discomfort, and bleeding. On average, hemorrhoid treatment can cost you around $300 to $7,972.