Best Supplements for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid supplements

Hemorrhoids are hard blood pouches or bumps caused by inflamed blood vessels surrounding the anus and rectum. Although not all hemorrhoids hurt, some persistent ones become extremely painful. These kinds of hemorrhoids affect simple tasks like walking, sleeping and sitting. As a result, compromised person’s mental and physical health may suffer, especially if they have an issue with recurring hemorrhoids.

With almost fifty percent of the American population above fifty suffering from hemorrhoids, a lot of research has gone into this disease. This research has resulted in more accurate diagnoses and improved treatment methods.

Hemorrhoids can be treated through medication, supplements, home remedies and surgery. Although some OTC (Over The Counter) medicines offer quick relief, they may have several side effects. Some people using OTC medications complain about experiencing burning sensations, increased itching, and dryness. Some have also complained about their rectal area darkening permenantly because of these medicines.

Surgery is often the last resort for treating severe hemorrhoid bumps. However, the recovery process is not easy as keeping the wound dry and clean is challenging.

Hence using natural supplements and home remedies often is the easiest method to treat hemorrhoids. These supplements and remedies have little to no chemicals and rarely have any side effects. Moreover, they are proven to shrink hemorrhoids and completely alleviate them just as effectively as other treatment methods.

Continue reading below to learn about the different supplements that can help cure and prevent future hemorrhoids.

Best Supplements for Hemorrhoids

Dietary Supplements

The best and most effective way to fight hemorrhoids is by adapting a nutritious and healthy diet. Lack of foods containing fiber can cause chronic constipation. As a result, the hard and stiff stools, when passing through the anus, could cause minor tears around the anus or rectal canal, causing hemorrhoids to form. If a person remains constipated, the hemorrhoid bumps become more severe and even bleed.

Hence, a diet containing sufficient fiber is critical for treating and preventing future hemorrhoids from developing.

Once can directly consume whole grains, legumes, pulses, green and root vegetables or fruits to increase their fiber intake. Or they could take dietary supplements for this.


Inulin is a fibrous compound that is often found in some plants, and is available as supplements. Two tablets of inulin can provide almost two to four grams of fiber to the body.

Inulin helps improve your colon’s bacteria population, which allows better absorption of nutrients.


Psyllium, also commonly known as ispaghula, is made from the fibrous husk of a herb’s seeds. It is commonly available in powder form or in tablets.

Two tablespoons of psyllium powder can provide almost six grams of fiber, while five tablets can provide two grams.

This supplement is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Its seventy percent soluble fiber content allows the stools to bulk up and get softer. While its thirty percent insoluble fiber content lines the inner gut walls with a lubricating gel. The two forms of fiber collectively allow easy expulsion of the stools, and help treat hemorrhoid bumps.


Methylcellulose is a semi-synthetic form of soluble fiber extracted from plants. This supplement is more preferred than psyllium supplement, as it does not cause any gas or bloating.

It is commonly available in powder or capsule forms. One tablespoon of methylcellulose provides two grams of fiber while two capsules offer one gram.

This fiber supplement helps solidify and soften watery stools, allowing a healthy digestive system.


Dextrin is a manufacturing byproduct that is produced during the wheat milling process. This dietary supplement has not taste and can be consumed after dissolving in hot or cold water.

The best thing about this supplement is that it is fully gluten-free. This quality allows people with gluten allergies to easily consume this powder supplement.

Almost two tablespoons of dextrin powder contain nearly three grams of soluble fiber. It is excellent for bulking up the stools to allow easy, pain-free expulsion. Moreover, it also helps regulate the body’s blood sugar levels. This makes it a great supplement for people suffering from both hemorrhoids and type 2 diabetes.

Herb Supplements

Herb supplements have been used in treating diseases and infections since the beginning of humanity’s time. A lot of research and efforts have gone into designing herb supplements that are safe and effective for treating hemorrhoids.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is excellent for treating and repairing the vein damage caused by passing hard stools during chronic constipation.

These herb supplements allow tissue and damage repair, while strengthen the connective tissue between the anus and the rectum. As result, existing hemorrhoids get treated and future ones are avoided.

Due to Gotu Kola’s ability to interact with some medicines, this supplement is not encouraged for patients recovering from liver diseases.


Goldenrod is another herb supplement essential for shrinking hemorrhoid bumps and reducing overall inflammation.

With smaller hemorrhoid bumps, the stools pass more easily. As a result, hemorrhoids get treated.


Popularly found in Europe, Yarrow is a herb supplement that is great for treating inflamed wounds and bleeding hemorrhoids. It allows tissue repair and helps clot open hemorrhoid wounds. As a result, infections can be prevented.

Due to Yarrow supplement’s ability of interacting with blood thinning medicines such as aspirin, people suffering from heart diseases should avoid this supplement.

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin C

The best source of vitamin C are citrus fruits and many vegetables like bell peppers and broccoli. However, if such food items are not available or affordable, vitamin C tablets can do the trick.

Vitamin C supplements boost immunity and help heal and repair hemorrhoid bumps and wounds. It is essential for reducing inflammations and eliminating chances of infection.

Final Thoughts

Hemorrhoids can affect a person’s daily activities and mood. However, the good thing is that most hemorrhoid bumps are easily treatable.

With chemical drug store medication posing a threat of dangerous side effects, using natural supplements is an easy and effective cure.

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